Wow, I haven’t updated this page in a bit.

It is once again NaNoWriMo time and I am three days behind. I didn’t do any prep or even think about it until Nov. 1. Now I am started but not sure how well it is going to go. I haven’t written in a while. I feel a little rusty.  So this year it is going to be a fantasy novel. A bit dark perhaps with a touch of biting humor. At least that is what I am going to try for. I came up with the title and I’m going to let the story come to me as I go. Should be fun.

Here is an excerpt.


Princess Petticoats and the Hidden Horror

       Tawny Umber was working later than usual in her mother’s seamstress shop. Her mother was feeling unwell, and Tawny wanted to make certain that she didn’t fall behind on the large order that Lady Onyx had dropped in their laps. Working by candlelight darkest nights was a strain in more ways than one. Her eyes began to itch and her head to ache but it was the oppressive dark just outside the circle of light that truly ate at her. There were no sounds at this hour and the dark seemed to almost pulsate ominously outside the dim light as if eager to extinguish it. Tawny shook her head. Exhaustion was making her mind see menace where there was none. Her mother had always told her that her imagination was going to be her downfall. Perhaps she should finish stitching the hem of her ladyship’s newest ballgown and call it a night. Each quick little stitch that she neatly put into place seemed to make her long for her bed even more ardently. Snip. Snap. Done.
      Tawny stretched wearily and carefully put away her project. A little sleep was all that she needed. When all was set right, she stood by the table that was the lone source of light keeping the darkness at bay. Her breath became ragged as an irrational fear took hold. She could feel the moment of stillness as she leaned over with one quick breath extinguished the light.
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It is that time of year again.

Time for NaNoWriMo, or National Novel Writing Month if you’d prefer. I’ve a story idea picked out, 462 words written, and an idea of where the story will end. So to recap, I have a beginning and an end but no middle. Still, I am going to at least attempt to get my 50,000 words in this year. I haven’t been doing a lot of writing recently and maybe this will help change that. I love fantasy novels and fish out of water elements in storytelling. This story idea combines that so hopefully it will work for me. Wish me luck.

My novel is tentatively being called The Withered Lands. Here is what I have so far.


Chapter One: Along Came a Spider

      Elysia was idly watching the clock once more. She didn’t even know why she watched it anymore. No one was coming. Not today or any other day for that matter. That part of her life was over now. He would be arriving home soon. To what should be their home, had been their home for more than half of her life. Her face felt damp and she knew that she was crying. She forced herself to look away from the clock. It didn’t matter because it was over. Feeling empty she wiped her face with a distracted motion of her hand. She could smell the mouthwatering smell of pot roast and looked down at her plate.

It was arranged perfectly. He required perfection in everything. Suddenly she felt sick to her stomach and the pot roast no longer smelled so grand. Quickly she rose, grabbed her plate, and dumped it into the trash. She felt immediately guilty for wasting food. Yet, she also felt free. For a moment she felt free. She had not made that meal for him. She would never make another meal for him. She looked around the tidy interior of her small trailer. Everything that she did would now be for her. There would never be anyone else. She didn’t think she could handle being so completely rejected as a human being ever again. Her heart ached briefly but she quashed such a weak sentiment. Never again.

Still feeling a bit empty and lonely, Elysia made her way to the fridge to make herself a bologna sandwich. Not the healthiest dinner in the world but it would suffice. Sandwich in hand, she made her way outside. She felt like staring at the stars tonight and it was a beautiful night. Not a cloud to be seen anywhere and just a light enough breeze to be refreshing. Sitting in her wooden rocker she munched quietly. The loneliness began to press in again. Tears clouded her eyes to the point that she could no longer see the stars clearly. They were just blurred little points of light in the vast swath of darkness above her.

It was in this continued mire of sadness that something seemed to explode in a show of light in front of her. It was as if the sky had ripped open to reveal another sky that was lavender in color and filled with such brilliant light that it nearly blinded her tear filled eyes. She raised a sandwich filled hand to wipe her tears away wondering if she was seeing an odd aurora borealis or some other natural phenomenon. She also wondered if her grief over being alone had finally made her mind snap completely. It was entirely possible.

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NaNoWriMo Day Three

I’ve only written 2103 words for NaNoWriMo so far, but I’m trying really hard to catch up to my target word count. I really am liking this story so far. I’ve even had a character appear out of nowhere. He is awkward and brilliant. A completely lovable space case in many ways but also quite serious about his interests. I needed a character for a certain aspect of my story and he decided to stick around. It will be interesting to see how he plays into the bigger picture that I have in mind. My other character who I have planned to make my main character still needs a little more work. She seems a bit generic at the moment and I am not liking that. Still I have hopes that she will come along nicely as the story starts to fit together better. I’d better get back at it. Perhaps I should make some coffee first or maybe some earl grey tea… Perhaps some cookies…. No, I’d better focus. Back to writing it is.  Good luck to all the other NaNoWriMo writers out there.

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NaNoWriMo is here again.

I going to try NaNoWriMo again this year. I haven’t been winning it lately, but I really enjoy the challenge and the inspiration it provides. This year I am writing a sci-fi novel.  I have tentatively named it Earth’s Last Ark. Wish me luck. 50,000 words by the end of the month. I missed writing yesterday so I guess I should write at least twice as much today. Here is the Synopsis:

In the near future, Earth is faced with its inevitable end. A massive asteroid is headed for earth and there is no stopping it. There is no surviving it. There is no time to make plans of any kind. Humankindprepares for the end. Chaos and horror take hold as the only things that matter are the ones that you love. With just days left suicide and murder are rampant. People certain that this is not the end but the beginning hold prayer vigils and celebrations welcoming the coming apocalypse. A young mother of two can find no such solace as she stares at her frightened children not knowing how to tell them that this is something mommy can not protect them from. Then with only three days left salvation comes from the stars. An alien ship lands with the express purpose of saving life on earth. Not just the humans but all living things. There is a bigger ship hovering near their planet. Much bigger, and meant to take them to a new home far from the only one they had ever known.

Thus begins the exodus of life on earth or as much as could be salvaged in just three days. There were bound to be some left behind. The young mother is determined that her children will not be among that number. Their journey begins on Earth but will end somewhere far beyond her own imagination. Once they make it aboard Earth’s Last Ark.

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I’ve started a new story.

I think I do that far too often. I finish other stories, of course, but when my brain starts to drag when I’m writing I start something new. This story I have decided to call The Dragons of Wilder Realm: Caged. I have the first chapter finished and I felt like sharing it since I haven’t posted anything in awhile. Hope you enjoy. I’m off to bed after this.

The Dragons of Wilder Realm: Caged

Chapter One: Heartbreak to Hell

“We’re sorry, ma’am, there’s nothing more we can do.” These words continued to echo hollowly in Esther’s mind. She stood staring at the empty room, unable to do anything else. She was vaguely aware that her boyfriend was trying to tell her something important behind her, but she didn’t care. All that mattered was this empty room, and the fact that it was not supposed to be empty. She closed her eyes and could feel the mind-blowing pain once more. She didn’t think there would ever be a time that she didn’t feel it. In her mind, it happened over and over again. It was always happening. It would always be happening.

“I’m sorry Esther, I can’t keep doing this. What happened was awful. We could have moved passed it though, if you would have just tried. I have to leave for me, and honestly, I wish you the best of luck. Take care of yourself.” Devin’s voice sounded far away now. Esther didn’t even flinch when the door slammed close behind him. How could she move past the moment when the moment had never ended for her, would never end? She looked blankly at the room that should not be. A crib stood empty, a testament to how empty she felt.

She had been nearly term, just a few weeks away really. Then the unthinkable. She started hemorrhaging. The rush to the hospital along with the mounting fear was crystal clear to her. As clear as this empty room. She could still feel the horror she had felt when the doctors told her that her baby girl was dead. That she would have to deliver a dead baby. She had held her perfect little girl forever before being forced to let her go. She had met with so many doctors after that to try to find out why she had lost her baby, but it didn’t matter because it would not change anything. She had been forced to see counselors about her inability to deal with her loss. She supposed she would have tried to stop Devin from leaving if she still cared. She didn’t care though. Maybe she would someday but for now, it was all too much. She stared longingly at the empty crib.

Something pulled at her mind making her look just slightly beyond the crib. A small glow to the air shimmered lightly beside the bed. Esther wasn’t a religious person regardless of her name’s history, but she felt a moment of hope. Cautiously she approached the glow. Could it really be her daughter’s spirit? Perhaps a message from the great beyond meant to give her hope. Feeling more than a little trepidation at the thought that she had been wrong about what happens after a person passes on, Esther felt a warmth to the glow as she approached it which was kind of weird to her. She had always heard that ghostly apparitions were heralded by warmth leaving the room, not by warmth entering it. The nearer she was to the glow, the warmer she became. To the point that she was sweltering as she brought her hand up to gently caress the strange visitor to her nursery.

Esther felt herself blown backward and pulled forwards at the same time. She felt on fire all the way through to her core quickly followed by the sensation of being frozen from the inside out. Nothing made sense as her world spun wildly out of control. The only thing that was certain was that Esther was living in the moment for the first time in months. Her pain was still there deep inside where it would always abide but Esther was fully aware of where she was or more importantly where she was not. She was not at home. She was not in the nursery. Where ever she was, it was chaos, hell, and fury all rolled into one. Not for a single instant did she think that her mind had snapped, and she had finally gone insane. No, this was too real for that. Desperately, she tried to grab anything in the mindless madness that surrounded her. Surprisingly her hand touched something. Something soft as leather and as hard as steel at the same time. Not caring what it was, she held on to her only lifeline, and Esther did want to live.

The spinning sensation had stopped and she no longer felt as if her body were living flames, which for a time she had. Esther’s eyes were closed tightly. Fear had taken hold of her, forcing her whole body to shiver uncontrollably. She was sprawled atop of her soft yet hard lifeline that felt warm to her now clammy cheek. She should open her eyes or move. Possibly both. The ground beneath her shifted slightly. Definitely both.

Her eyes fluttered open as her body seemed to automatically jump away from the leathery ground that she had lain upon. The light was dim causing her to blink several times before her eyes adjusted enough to see the shadowy figure before her. All sounds ceased to be, including Esther’s breathing. She couldn’t really be seeing what her eyes were telling her that she was seeing. The shadow shifted once more.

“Are you injured?” irritably challenged a voice spoken to her like whispered thunder, booming and quiet at the same time. The form advanced tentatively towards her. The head was as big as her torso. The body was long and sleek looking. In the dim light, it was hard to tell the color but the shape was quite unmistakable. The dragon cocked its head inquisitively at her. Esther was staring down a dragon about the size of a stretch limousine.

“I’m fine thank you.” Replied Esther a bit wobbly. She knew this was real yet it was so unreal that she was frightened more by that thought than what was happening to her. “I’m sorry but you’re a dragon right?” Esther inquired not knowing what else she should say or do. The creature blew billowy steam from its nostrils in apparent frustration. It brought its head down to eye level with Esther. The dragon’s eyes were a startling swirl of bright blue-white dots in midnight shaded eye sockets. They looked like mini galaxies staring into her soul. The skin seemed to be a light shade of lavender. Curiously she craned her head to look at the dragon’s back where her mighty wings were folded neatly. The dragon fluttered them obligingly. The skin of the wings seemed to shimmer with each movement. Esther was completely enthralled.

“That much should be obvious, human. I do not have time for this. I came her looking for a help and the ancestors send me you. I will have to make do, it seems.” The dragon’s decidedly feminine voice hissed, the breath blowing over Esther like a warm breeze smelling of burnt charcoal. What did the creature mean that the ancestors had sent her? Exactly what was being expected of her? How was the dragon going to make do? Her brain began to swirl with unanswered questions.

“This might sting for a bit, but there is nothing for it, I have to give you some protection against the horrors you will surely face here. You will be entrusted with what I treasure most in this world. You will protect it or you will face my wrath human.” The feminine voice became a low angry growl as Esther found herself being knocked backwards by the dragon’s lightning fast front claw.  Terrified Esther choked out a half scream half plea for mercy to her attacker who claimed to need her help.

“Be silent. We may not be alone. Dragon kind is rarely alone. They know not what I have done yet, but they will. I must do this, you see. I have to protect what is mine. I have to protect the future. Make one sound and I will end you. I will find myself another way. This is for your own good. Now hold still.” The hissing whisper brought a new level of terror to Esther’s heart. If she made a noise, she had no doubt that this creature would kill her. She was startled by the thought that she did not want to die. She had felt that same fear of death earlier but now she was fully aware of it. She grieved her loss still, of course, but she lived and she wanted to continue to do so. She felt her blouse rip down the front from her collar down in between her breasts. The ripping of her blouse was followed by an insane amount of pain. Then above her hovered those beautiful eyes that had held her captive such a short time ago. The blue light swirls began coalesce into a single bright blue light that flowed from the dragon’s eyes into the open wound down the front of her torso. Through it all, Esther was utterly still. Too afraid to protest this bizarre treatment to even move.

As the blue light flowed into her Esther felt the oddest sensation in her chest. It was as if all the dark corners of her soul were illuminated by the healing blue light. It did not banish them or make the darkness less real, but she felt more at peace than she had before. The pain in her chest was gone. The dragon collapsed before her, the light in those eyes barely a glimmer now. Esther sat up feeling more confused than ever about her predicament.

“I have given you my immortality human. You will be the first of your kind, like him. You will protect him, nurture him, and most importantly of all, you will love him. I would not have been able to, but you can. Now take him and run human. Run far from here and do not ever stop running. Keep him safe. All depends on that. I am spent. Go now before they come.” The voice was weak now. The light was nearly extinguished in those large eyes. Carefully the creature pulled something forward with her hind leg and then her front paw pushed a small bundle towards Esther. “Go.” This his was urgent pushing Esther’s fear into overdrive.

Esther bent forward to pick up the strange bundle when she truly saw what was being asked of her. It was a small infant. Somewhat human in appearance but also it had the characteristics of a dragon with wings upon its tiny back. The legs though were something else. Almost fishlike in appearance though they were definitely legs and not fins. The legs just looked rather scaly and the toes were widespread webbed looking much like foot fins that divers used back home. None of that really mattered though. The dragon wanted her to take this little hybrid baby and protect it. She wanted her to raise it. To love it. “I can’t” she whispered thinking of her beloved baby girl. It felt like a betrayal somehow yet she yearned to be able to love again. She gingerly picked up the small wiggly creature.

“Please. He is my son. He must live and they will not let him live. You must go.” The dragon weakly begged. It was a plea from one mother to another. It was saying please don’t let my baby die. Something snapped into place for Esther. Her longing to live and love again now had a purpose.

“I will keep him safe. I swear it.” Esther whispered fervently as she turned and ran blindly in the dim light stumbling along what felt like rock walls. She didn’t think she was being chased but the urgency to escape this place became so unbearable that she thought her heart might just explode from her chest. She kept running not even knowing where she ran to or where she ran from. She was far from home or anything that had ever made sense to her, but she had to keep running. There was a light far in the distance and as she emerged into the dimmed moonlight of her new world she realized she had been running through a cave.

Before her was sprawled a vast forest of giant trees that reminded her a bit of California redwoods. Those huge ancient giants back home that were a reminder that humans were a relatively new species. Esther looked down at her adopted son. Thoughts of how new humans were made her think of how her son was new to this world that she still knew nothing about. Would he truly be greeted with fear as the dragon had hinted? Run the dragon mother with the beautiful eyes had said. Run. So she did.


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This year NaNoWriMo is actually going well.

I am behind on my word count for NaNoWriMo but I don’t think it is going to be too hard to catch up. I have an outline for this particular novel and I really think it is helping me when I falter. I rather like this story so I hope that NaNoWriMo helps me finish it. I dip into mythology and I have always loved the various mythologies from around the world. It is an end times novel which I know that some people think that genre is way over done but I kind of like it. I only have 3610 words written so far, but like I said it would not be that hard to catch up. I might actually finish NaNoWriMo this year. The name of the story that I am working on is Iri at the End. Here is my favorite paragraph so far.

This is the story of Iri Malah Grigori and how she was there when all fell to ruin. Gods roamed the earth once more and humankind was little more than their play things. She was there when normality was no more. Hope became just a child’s story on a cold winter night for those few who remained. Yet she was there looking on from her place just beyond sanity and reason. She was there and she would remain.


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NANOWRIMO is just days away from starting.

This year I will be working on my end of times novel. I’ve done quite a bit of prep on this one. Normally I do not. Normally I just write whatever little bit of weirdness that pops into my mind. Sometimes it ends up being good or at least not crap and then other times, it is just a rambling bunch of strange situations that seem to somehow form a story. The name of the novel I will be trying to finish in November is Iri at the End. Honestly don’t know how that is going to go. I have an insane amount of stress in my life right now. Writing might be just what I need but finding the time or the energy could prove difficult. If I finish NaNoWriMo this year I will be happy, and if I do not finish it, well then at least I tried. In other writing thoughts, I have two free book deals going on at right now. Though the fantasy novel one is about half over, I am happy with how it seems to be doing.

The Legacy of Alasia: Dark Descent

The romance novel also seems to be doing okay.

Mariana’s Tale

I hope that these free promotions help my books find readers that will enjoy them. I will just have to wait and see I guess. In more personal news. My back hurts quite badly right now. I was playing with my cute little dog, Sparky the other day when I felt a familiar pop in my back. Familiar because this happened one time before causing massive pain, a trip to the urgent care clinic and a MRI. This time unless the pain refuses to go away I am just going to treat at home because that stuff is all expensive and there is really nothing they can do if it is the same thing. Herniated discs suck. It doesn’t hurt as bad as the last time so maybe I just twisted something. Who knows. If it still hurts after Halloween, I might go to the doctor. Well time for some tylenol. Sweet dreams to those just crashing and have a lovely day for those just awaking.

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Slowly making progress.

I’m writing in the sequel to Legacy of Alasia: Dark Descent tonight. It’s called Legacy of Alasia: Rising Shadows and I am trying quite hard to finish writing it. That is not going to happen in one night but if I write a little every night it will eventually happen. I am 1278 words into Chapter Eleven: Escaping Havensford. If that doesn’t sound like very far, you are right. It is not very far at all. Still tonight I am making progress. Getting back into this particular character’s head was harder than anticipated because she has recently undergone a rather drastic change in personality brought on by her past actions. I was used to writing her from a certain point of view but I had to change that because that person is not who she is any more. She is harder. She has to be ruthless but not cruel. She has to say good bye to the life she once lived because that life is no more and can never be again. Now I think I have her though, so writing tonight is coming easier. Since I normally can not fall asleep at least until 3:00 a.m., that leaves me with a good hour of writing ahead of me. I’m going to try to make it count. I want to get this story done. So then I can edit it a trillion times and then re-edit it again. Then when it seems polished I will publish it on Amazon like I did the other Legacy novel. Back to writing. Nothing will get done with me wandering around the internet….but oooh look a dragon…. 😉

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Book Promotions on Amazon. Trying something new for me.

I noticed that Amazon has a free book promotion feature. I’ve used the Kindle Countdown feature but not the free book one. I thought that I would test it out on my romance novel, Mariana’s Tale. The free book promotion started for it this morning and people have already grabbed over one hundred free books from it. I think that is pretty cool. I just hope that they like it and maybe leave a good review. If they did that, it would be fantastic. I will probably try the free book deal on my fantasy novel next but for now it is getting ready for a reduced price deal with Kindle Countdown. It has put me in a really good mood so far and that is always a nice thing for me. I’m getting ready to write in the fantasy sequel. Maybe, I will actually get some good writing in tonight. I hope so. I still am feeling slightly anxious though. Here is the link to the book deal for the romance novel. Enjoy.

             Mariana’s Tale 


Here is the link for the Kindle Countdown Promotion For The Legacy of Alasia: Dark Descent

The Legacy of Alasia: Dark Descent 


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It’s late and I’m not tired.

So the title of this post should pretty much be my life’s motto. I just don’t sleep well with or without access to internet. I know this because I recently went a week without internet. Yes, I know. Horrifying. The point of this post? Probably there isn’t one. Just felt like posting something. It will come to me, I’m sure. Oh, I am writing right now. Well obviously I am writing if I am posting something to a blog but I meant that I am writing in “The Legacy of Alasia: Rising Shadows” novel. It’s the sequel to my fantasy novel. I am midway through chapter ten. Things are going well. I’m getting ready to kill just so many people. In the novel. Only in the novel. I’m not psychotic. I am on a roll so I decided sleep isn’t all the necessary anyway right. Also I am not tired and I haven’t even had any coffee. Tea and alcohol yes, coffee no. I started another novel last week when I was facing a rough spot in this Legacy novel. This one is about time travel. I don’t know if it will go anywhere or not but I have written two chapters in that one already. Tentatively titled “A time for love” until I can think of something better. Also on a personal note, I am going to start exercising. I sure that will be so much fun. I want to lose about forty pounds. So I bought kettle bells. I just really want to be healthy and have more energy so I thought that would be the place to start. Plus more energy will probably equal a happier outlook. A happier outlook should help me become inspired easier thereby enabling my ability to put crazy down on paper with a chirpier attitude. Like I said it should be fun. This is just a tiny break in the fantasy writing. Besides I need more tea or water or whatever. My dog keeps trying to tell me that it is bedtime but I just tell him that he’s a dog and he doesn’t know how to tell time. He just stares at me. Well that’s all for now. The Legacy sequel is back on track. Legacy of Alasia: Dark Descent actually occasionally sells on amazon. Shocking I know. Oh and it’s late and I am not tired.

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